Random Enthusiasm 11Oct13

Happy Friday to you, lovely reader!

The weeks are flying by but Autumn is a lovely time, it’s nice to have a change in the air.  Did you see that the first tiny bit of snow has fallen in the French Alps… ooh, I’m excited already.

Snow Les Contamines October

For now though, I’m on a countdown to my week of R&R in the sun.  With things being so hectic, I’m looking forward to slowing the pace down, taking time to appreciate the small stuff and enjoying some fresh air and sunshine!  I plan to read, mooch (I love mooching), eat good food, run in the sun… ooohh!

This weekend I’m hoping to get to see Prisoners (still!), might take in the Farmer’s Market and will definitely go somewhere where I can kick the leaves and enjoy the crisp blue skies.

Yes, come on weekend, I’m READY!!!

Here’s some fun stuff for your weekend :-)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars


  • I love this girl’s video on different ways to tie a scarf… I have a drawer full of them so will be trying these out!

Scarf Tying Video


  • I know we’re not quite there yet but I had my first hot chocolate of the season this week – it was mmmmmmm…  Did you know you can make NUTELLA Hot Chocolate by just heating milk and stirring in Nutella to taste?  Why have I not tried this yet?

hot chocolate


Chicken Hotpot Pie

  • I’m also loving that some of my favourite shows are coming back on tv… Big Bang Theory (laugh out loud every episode), Homeland, Downton Abbey… anyone know when Grey’s is back, or Revenge or Sherlock or…. oh the list is so long!



But most of all…



Oh, I almost forgot… I wore my BOOTS for the first time today!!!  It’s time to get the winter(ish) clothes out!  What is your favorite thing in your winter wardrobe?  I love leggings and big jumpers, SO cosy.

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  1. Sandra Lewis October 11, 2013 at 7:12 am Reply

    egg free muffins AND choc choc chip cookie bars?! You are spoiling me! Thanks so much for that tip.
    Might have to make some to bring into work!

  2. mona October 11, 2013 at 12:59 pm Reply

    aw. Happy weekend you too Ash.

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