A Change of Pace…

Hello from Andalucía!

I am finally on holiday and so delighted to be in the land of blue skies and juicy red apples (I had one with brekkie)!  This time, as I’m away for a week, I decided to bring my laptop with me to do a bit of holiday blogging as I’ve had precious little time to spend with you guys lately!  I’m quite excited.


This holiday is all about turning down the dial, slowing the pace and the enjoying time to do what we want when we want. Spontaneity and relaxation are the orders of the day.

Yesterday was a long but fun day of travel and getting settled in.  The day started at 3am in a slightly rainy Dublin and ended around midnight listening to the waves crash outside the balcony in Puerto Banus.  As is traditional with Dar and I, Decathlon was our first stop, the sports hypermarket is right beside the airport and happens to be one of my favourite shops in the world.  I got hooked when I lived in France and always get very excited at the prospect of a visit.


One of the reasons I love Decathlon is the variety of clothing and equipment it offers and therefore the sporting options it presents to those who are lucky enough to shop there.  To me, an essential to keeping fit and active is enjoyment of the activity itself.  If it’s not fun, I won’t do it, and of course what one finds fun changes over time. 

It’s also brilliant to try different activities depending on your schedule or time of year.  For example, during the winter it may be less appealing to run outdoors early in the morning (it’s spooky in the dark) so that can be the time to get back into workout DVDs or join some yoga or fitness classes.  Your body (as well as your mind) will probably thank you for the change and variety too.

What Decathlon (and large shops like it) offers is sports gear at all different levels.  You can buy inexpensive beginner gear all the way through to high end equipment.  So, if you fancy giving rollerblading or snow shoeing a go, chances are a visit will have you equipped with the basics to give it a try at a relatively low cost.  I think that’s a great thing and one of the reasons I  miss the place when I’m home in Dublin.  Of course, the variety of workout/leisure gear is fantastic and price/quality is temptingly good.  I find it hard to come away without fleeces in a myriad of colours.   I did leave with a funky new pair of runners (which were on sale, bargain!), I just love the colours, and a couple of long sleeved tops for running… It was a big effort not to put half the shop in my shopping basket, especially as they’ve got some of their SNOW gear in and we all know how irresistible I find that stuff!


The evening finished with a mooch in to the port and dinner of pizza and salad in Picasso’s20131019_193642

The place serves great food at really reasonable prices (considering its location right in the marina) and the atmosphere is so fun.  It’s one of our favourite haunts.


Anyway, speaking of exercise, it’s walk time.  The sun is calling and I’m going out to say hi to the sea and to top up my vitamin D levels!

Have a great Sunday and I’ll be back with more soon.


Thought of the Day: Variety is the spice of life – shake it up!


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  1. Sandra Lewis October 20, 2013 at 12:58 pm Reply

    It’s sunny here today but it’s still not a holiday! Enjoy! Xx

  2. mona October 20, 2013 at 8:35 pm Reply

    Sounds just wonderful. Enjoy

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